How Can George Clooney Help Your Business?

I’ll say that again for those of you who haven’t heard, George Clooney is married. Yes, yes he is. So, women around the world grab your tissues ready for the random and sudden fits of crying.
It is fascinating that George Clooney is the guy that every woman wants to be with (well except me, I don’t know what all the fuss is about) and every man wants to be. George’s big on-screen persona, his brand, is so powerful we all feel like we know him. Even an old cynic like me feels a connection with the Clooney brand.
So what is the George Clooney brand? It’s charm, incredible good looks, warmth, social conscience, and a bit of roguish lovability . His brand is so strong in fact, that I have a sneaking suspicion that the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge may have named their first child after him.
George Clooney is one of those bankable stars whose brand is so strong that any film he is associated with becomes profitable. Like any other business, the movie business has always relied on the brand of its stars. Star power is needed to generate revenue, so that investors see a return on their backing and feel secure enough to repeat the process.
Brands are becoming increasingly important for businesses, especially for start ups, as it is your brand that gives your business its identity. Your brand will help your future customers identify with your business, as it enables them to recognise what the business stands for. This emotional connection is akin to the connection we experience when we dream – er, um – sorry [I just had a moment], think about George Clooney. All brands, be it McDonalds or John Lewis, are built on the customer experience.
The key components of a strong brand are:

  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Differentiation
  • Recognition

In the early stages of setting up your business you should have a clear vision and an ethos, and these will help you to shape your brand. We all ‘buy’ into brands; branding shapes our shopping habits, the way we dress, the food we eat, the type of car we drive and even where we go on holiday. So it is important that you build a brand that connects with your audience.
This connection can be good or bad. Ryan Air found out that price only goes so far, as brand performance is linked with actual or perceived customer experience. They started to lose customers due to large numbers feeling they received poor treatment when travelling and communicating with the airline. Your brand also reflects your ethos, and so Starbucks changed their UK tax policy in response to earning the reputation of “tax dodger”.
So back to George Clooney, now that he’s tied the knot has it damaged his brand? Nah course not! In fact he’s enhanced it – we all want to believe in fairy tale endings.