How Can George Clooney Help Your Business?

I’ll say that again for those of you who haven’t heard, George Clooney is married. Yes, yes he is. So, women around the world grab your tissues ready for the random and sudden fits of crying. It is fascinating that George Clooney is the guy that every woman wants to be with (well except me, I don’t know what all…

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Is Your Business in the Valley of Despair?

How does one draw success and fulfilment from their business? Running a business can be a lonely endeavour, especially when when you run into trouble.  Seeking the right business support at the right time can ease a lot of pressure when you are struggling. Starting a business is one of the biggest changes in life that you experience. It’s an emotional rollercoaster, believe me. Psychologists…

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Is Passion Killing Your Business?

Passion is something we associate with drive and energy, qualities we need to launch and maintain a successful business. But can our passion be of detriment to our business success? Noam Wasserman of the The Wall Street Journal thinks so, and I tend to agree. This week I read Mr Wasserman’s article, “How an Entrepreneur’s Passion Can Destroy a Start…

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