​Your Start-Up can Thrive – If it doesn’t, get help!

To have a successful Start-up the Founders must know what they want, why they want it, and how to go about getting it (the writer’s own experience). Start-up successes are seen in two ways. On the one hand some seem to get off to a great start, make steady progress and thrive. On the other hand, some struggle to get started…

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​Using Social Media to Advance Your Career

We are currently at a place whether we are starting, developing or advancing our career it is greatly affected by the increased use of social media.The extensive use of social media by recruitment agencies and employers have become the order of the day and as a result most people have their profiles available on platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and…

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I started my business aged 62

Start-up capital? I calculated £5,000 to start my business and was self-financing I had not calculated for all the extras I needed and ended up spending three times the amount. What drove me to start a business at that age: The back story I felt incongruent and sometimes out-of-place working for someone else. Things became even more difficult for me…

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